Instructions & Operations Manual


  1. Crown:  This sets the time and as with most automatic watches it is best to be turned clockwise.
    • Gently pull crown one click away from watch to adjust time.  As an added tip the WW1501 watch case has build in crown protection to help protect the time setting.  There is a gap on the back of the watch to ease the time setting function.
    • This watch has the extra feature of a second hand that stops moving when crown is put in adjustment position.  This enables one to effectively also set the second hand.
  2. Hidden Pusher Left:  This sets the day of the week.
    • Gently push hidden pusher in the middle of the pusher with a pointy object such as a traditional protractor or a dulled push pin.
    • This unit has added feature that each push only progresses the dial one half day.  This makes it easier and quicker to take in account for AM and PM.
  3. Hidden Pusher Right:  This sets the date.
    1. The functions the same as the left pusher with the exception of one push equal the progression of the date one full day.


Recommended Care:

  1.  Only turn crown clockwise.
  2.  Do not change day or date between 10:00 and 2:00.
  3.  Have watch serviced after first 3 years.
  4.  Have watch serviced every 5 years after first service.
  5.  This watch has the capability of both being charged by simply wearing the watch or motion as well as manual winding.  If you do manually wind this watch as with any manual/automatic watch it is important that you do not over wind movement.

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